Disclaimer Warning: Direct Sun Photography Hazard

Photographing the sun directly poses a significant risk to the photographer’s eyesight if adequate eye protection is not utilized. The intense brightness of the sun’s rays can cause permanent damage to your eyes, including blindness.

In anticipation of the upcoming solar eclipses in October 2023 and April 2024, I embarked on a mission to safeguard my eyes while capturing these rare celestial events. My initial approach involved purchasing a UV Lens Filter and a 6″x6″ Solar Filter Sheet from Amazon, intending to superglue the solar filter sheet to the outer surface of the UV filter, ensuring the silver side faced outward, as per the provided instructions. Regrettably, this endeavor proved futile due to my lack of awareness regarding the fumes emitted by the superglue, which ultimately clouded the lens filter entirely, rendering Plan A ineffective.

Undeterred, I proceeded with Plan B, which entailed attaching a Solar Sheet to the front of a Lens Hood using superglue, once again with the silver side facing outward according to instructions.

This approach yielded success, as the Lens Hood provided ample ventilation, allowing for proper adhesion of the solar filter. I managed to capture several shots with promising results, and I invite you to assess them for yourself.